JULY 21, 2024

Conrad Energy Presents the 2024 Felixstowe Triathlon

— supporting the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy

Conrad Energy delivers critical power and services to the National Grid and commercial customers, supporting the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy.

Conrad Energy own and operate over 60 energy facilities, including our sites in Benfleet and Braintree, which can supply two million average homes with electricity during peak periods or when generation from wind or solar is low. We also have a growing portfolio of 150MW of battery storage and solar schemes. With 22 sites in construction, including projects in Billericay, Haleworth and Lowestoft, we are an electricity market leader, tackling the challenges facing the energy markets.

Conrad Energy is at the forefront of the race to a low carbon economy. Partnering with the winner of Triathlon England’s Large Event of the Year was a great opportunity to bring our two leading teams together in a region where we are very active.

We recognise the central role hydrogen and fuel cells will play in reaching the UK’s ambitious carbon reduction targets. We have a number of hydrogen production and fuel cell projects in development.

Powered by clean electricity, our hydrogen project at the Lowestoft PowerPark will produce up to 470 tonnes of hydrogen per year – enough clean gas to heat the equivalent of 1,500 average homes or fuel the equivalent of 60 hydrogen fuelled HGVs travelling 50,000 miles per year. The only emission from the process is oxygen, which we also hope to utilize in commercial applications. We have already started construction on the 7MW flexible generation site which forms part of the proposals that will bring grid stability to the wider Lowestoft area at times of high demand and grid system stress.

Conrad Energy Presents the 2022 Felixstowe Triathlon


A full-service Independent Power Producer (IPP), Conrad Energy delivers power to the National Grid and commercial customers.

We contribute to a more sustainable future by supporting renewable energy growth through installing flexible generation, battery storage and renewables. We also now supply electricity from the grid.

Conrad Energy own and operate over 60 sites across the UK hosting 700MW of flexible generation and over 150MW of battery storage. With more than 22 sites in construction our growing portfolio and team makes us a market leader across the board, from energy markets, to technology, regulation and finance.

There is more to us than you might think.
We work with commercial clients to maximise the potential of on-site generation and energy import arrangements. We reduce your energy costs by implementing improved energy efficiency measures, optimizing existing infrastructure and installing a range of technologies appropriate to your needs.

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