JULY 21, 2024

Felixstowe Triathlon 2024 course maps


The race will be based at Felixstowe Leisure Centre, 75 Undercliff Rd W, Felixstowe, IP11 2AE

For our Super Sprint competitors the swim will be pool based, comprising 12 lengths of the Leisure Centre Pool which you will swim across as you lap up and down.

Transition (pink) for all competitors will be sited in the car park immediately to the south of the Leisure Centre with easy access from the pool and beach for swimmers, exit straight on/off bike route (light blue), and then exiting onto the promenade for your run (green).


Assuming weather and tide conditions allow then the Standard and Sprint swims (royal blue) will be in the sea, swimming south-west along the beach towards Felixstowe Pier. Competitors will walk from the Transition area along the promenade before entering the water for a water start at either the Standard or Sprint start points.

The Standard Swim will begin at the near Cobbolds Point, approximately 1500m north-east of the pier.

The Sprint Swim will start on the beach about 100m north-east of the Spa Pavilion

On exiting the water competitors will cross a short stretch of beach, then the promenade, and return to transition.

PLEASE NOTE – if tide or weather causes cancellation of the sea swim then Standard & Sprint Competitors will have a 300m pool swim as for the Super Sprint competitors.


The Standard Bike Route is a 41 km route that takes you from the seafront out via Felixstowe Docks and through Trimley St Martin before crossing the A14 and doing a loop through Kirton, Newbourne and Brightwell. Crossing back over the A14, and returning through Trimley St Martin the route then takes you down to Felixstowe Ferry where you will do a U turn and return back along the seafront road before returning to Transition

The Sprint & Super Sprint routes are 20.5km long and follows the same route as the Standard route but competitors will turn back at the roundabout at the northern end of Trimley High St roundabout and head back through Trimley St Martin and onwards as described above.

PLEASE NOTE – this is NOT a closed road event.



The Run routes (light green) are a simple loop course that are run in loops up and down the promenade, before exiting across onto Sea Rd and joining the finish straight from the Tour of Britain and finishing under the Tour of Britain Finish Gantry.

The Super Sprint run will be 3km long and head south along the promenade to the Standard Swim Start where runners will turn and head back before crossing over on the finish straight.

The Sprint Run will be 5km long and initially head north along the promenade for 1km before turning south and joining up with the Super Sprint course and following this to the finish.

The Standard Run will be 10km, and this will comprise two loops of the Sprint course out and back along the promenade, before exiting towards the finish in Sea Rd at the end of the second lap.

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